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Jun, 9, 2023

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What is CAPS?

CAPS is a decentralized, full-cycle NFT collectible game that aims to implement Web3 standards in a fun and engaging way. Players can collect caps, which are similar to the milk caps that many of us remember from the game in the 90s. Each collection production is limited, for example, "Monsters 1" is limited to 100,000 caps (in 4 networks), which creates long-term interest for collectors. Additionally, each cap has a rarity, with some being more exclusive than others. To obtain a cap, players can use a vending machine by purchasing tickets and pushing the button to receive a random cap from the collection. Our motivation to create CAPS arose from the main problem in the current NFT market, which is that many buyers have no practical use for the images they purchase. In the CAPS game, however, you can actually play with your collectibles, and as you do so, they gradually lose quality, forcing you to develop your own unique strategies within the game's economy. Additionally, you don't have to wait for your ask/bid trade offers to be fulfilled. At any time, you can burn caps for fungible tokens.