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December, 21, 2022

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What is Metarrior?

★ ABOUT METARRIOR Metarrior is the world’s first truly Web3 game that integrates traditional gaming and NFT 2.0 technology on MetaFe Ecosystem, which aims at providing countless opportunities for gamers to take part in immersive gameplay, experience true ownership over gaming assets. The game is using a Match-3 gameplay which is perfectly suitable for gamers of all ages to have fun and enjoy the Free-to-Play Web3 game to the fullest! ★ INTEROPERABLE NFT For the first time, Metarrior introduces the concept of Interoperable NFT which enables gamers to play multiple games within the MetaFe Ecosystem using the same NFTs. The NFTs of Metarrior include ✵ Warriors: A total of 53 different mighty Warriors from 6 Kingdoms. Each warrior possesses an unfathomable might as well as a unique skill set which enable them to fight head-on with malicious foes aiming to conquer the peaceful land of Gaia. ✵ Pets: Get ready to fight your epic wars against evil, alongside with the most exquisite and extraordinary mystical dragons of Gaia that are willing to assist you on the battlefields, wiping out the enemies in just a single fierce blow. ✵ Equipment: Equip yourself with Metarrior’s most powerful gears and accessories to give your Warriors a tremendous boost in the battles. The equipment includes armors, boots, belts, weapons and numerous other tools to help the Warriors enhance their abilities in mid-fight. ✵ Land: Players are now able to use their properties for trading mechanisms with other players in Metarrior. Moreover, players can choose to rent their unused plots of land to other players in need, so that they can generate an extra income from it. ★ METARRIOR GAMEPLAY ✵ Adopting the never-ending-excitement Match-3 element, Metarrior is undoubted will be such an enormous joy with its addicting gameplay for gamers. Besides, Metarrior expands its potential to the fullest by creating various amazing game modes for gamers to experience. ✵ Mission mode is, in fact, the easiest game mode in Metarrior. Players are able to experience Metarrior as a traditional Match-3 game such as Candy Crush Saga. Players with the highest points compared to other players in Mission Mode will be able to get the rewards. ✵ Campaign is the first thing that should be mentioned, in order to fully embrace the story of Metarrior, this feature is a fundamental element contributing greatly to your overall gaming experience. Players are invited to compete for the top rankings on the Leaderboard against one another every week with lots of exciting rewards awaiting! ✵ Expeditions are now open for you to put your warriors to the test of strength. There are powerful bosses waiting for you and your warriors, finding the thrill while emerging yourself in the competition for the top rankings on the Leaderboard for generous rewards. ✵ Lucky & Fun Mini-game mode enables gamers to choose and buy, using in-game tokens, three different numbers to be the Jackpot winners against other competitors. ★ METARRIOR ESPORT Besides various competitions which take place in the game, Metarrior also expects to hold Esport Tournaments where gamers worldwide are invited to compete against others. Metarrior is undoubtedly the pioneer of such a trend, which would surely take the crypto gaming world by storm, thanks to its spectacular gameplay and marvelous game modes.